Fashion Style Matching in Living room which achievement fashionable household oil painting

Proposal recommendation:
Buy Big Painting Art with blue walls make the space ductile, even when there are too many people, it will not feel crowded. A row of low cabinets opposite the sofa are usually receptive cabinets. When friends come, putting on soft cushions of various colors is a comfortable seat, which can accommodate more friends. The TV background wall is designed with sliding doors on both sides, which can make the room look neater on weekdays. The decoration of the red background wall injects vitality into the space and is full of the sweet atmosphere of the newlyweds.

According to the characteristics of the apartment, the traditional sofa area is set on the side of the wall, and the receipt cabinet is built on the side of the window, which corresponds to the TV cabinet. The cabinet must be strong enough to withstand long periods of pressure.

Decorative points:
1. Control the number of colours. The room is mainly blue and red, with a small amount of yellow as decoration, wh…

The Difference between Digital Oil Painting and Hand Painting

Digital Large Wall Art painting is to use a computer to divide the canvas into several color blocks, and then fill the canvas with the number of colors on the table. This is equivalent to the practical use of shadows in writing, you can write it again according to this. But pure hand-painted oil painting is different, it is to create on a blank canvas, to the photograph or the material provided, draw out, the painter in the canvas from the manual drafting to the picture content improvement of a series of complex processes, each Oversized Abstract Art time-consuming and laborious is the result of a total gambling, using each process can be reflected in the picture content.

The customization of hand-painted abstract painting is based on the material provided by the painter, and then revised to make the picture more hierarchical, more vivid, and with their own creation and ideas, with uniqueness; while digital oil painting is from the machine to divide the color blocks and fill the color…

DE kooning-pop art canvas online

Pop art canvas online-WillemDeKooning (1904--1997) was born in Rotterdam,Great Big Canvas Art the Netherlands, on April 24, 1904.
He started working for a commercial art and decoration company when he was 14 and went to night classes at Rotterdam's art and technology academy.
In 1924, he visited Belgium, visited its museums and studied in Brussels and Antwerp.
At 22, he immigrated from the Netherlands to New Jersey to work as a painter.
The following year, he came to New York to make a living as a commercial artist and continued to paint.
In New York, he met his lifelong best friend,Black and White Canvas  golgi, who painted in a studio and watched and learned and influenced each other.
The art scene of the 1930s was cubism and surrealism. After Hitler came to the stage, many German painters moved to New York. They brought abstract painting and expressionism.
Bathed in these trends, DE kooning developed his own personal style, emerging among New York painters.
In the first ten yea…

Process flow of canvas simulation oil painting-Pop art canvas online

Pop art canvas online
Canvas simulation oil painting refers to the decorative painting that can reproduce the oil painting art on the canvas by using modern printing technology.
It has the following features:True cloth printing.
The printing of various technologies can be realized directly on the canvas,Large Canvas Art Cheap and the natural texture effect of the canvas fiber can be used to create a strong reflection of different colors, produce the real visual effect of three-dimensional oil painting, and reproduce the texture effect on the original oil painting realistically.

2. Canvas material can be tensile, tensile, waterproof and dustproof, and can be stored for a long time.
Compared with paper and other materials printed copy of oil painting has a longer collection time, more collection value.

3. Copy with special printing process.
The same original painting can be copied in batches, which not only meets customers' demand for high cost performance decorative painting, but a…

How to paste the mural

Pop art canvas online - should keep metope clean before mural sticks
Mural ground floor disposes when disposing ground floor appearance, want to tidy up ground floor, make its have no dust, grease, sundry etc.
Before mount wall picture, the most important is clean metope, keep metope clean without concavoconvex, the proposal USES abrasive paper to brush once, do not dislike trouble, this one point will affect the use of mural.
Then brush the moisture-proof base film.
Before mounting, the size should be confirmed first, and then the elastic line, which is the horizontal line and the straight line of the pen on the treated bottom layer, so that the mounting can be conducted according to the lines in order to ensure the quality of the mounting.

Cut paper cut paper is the important link that mural puts up, after the height that should be measured gives wall top to bottom, cut paper on the ground good, the next makings scale of mural should be longer than practice scale 10-20 millimeter, c…

The way to hang a picture

In domestic adornment, the demand to adornment diversity is higher and higher.But painting doesn't necessarily produce a satisfying effect.This visual wall drawing design director for the wall hanging design to share.
Oneself above all when choosing to hang a picture, need and whole decorate a style to unite.For the style of unity can be in the color of the picture, the material of the painting.The texture style of the frame, as well as the image style to match.When we have a sense of unity of direction, it's good to start with a unity of style.This will be blind according to their feelings to choose a painting.Of course, if I really do not know what kind of painting to choose,

choose some simple paintings, or very able to match their space.
Then hang the size of the selection of the painting, according to the size of their space.Hanging a large painting in a small room can feel cramped and crowded.Actually a lot of people feel to want to let his room be full on the choice

of …

They're Not really Just for the Residing Room Anymore

Traditionally, fireplaces were a necessity. They were utilitarian, used to warm the home and also to prepare. Fireplaces today are highly sought after, not because we need these to warm our homes, but instead because they symbolize luxury.

A fireplace can add a superior feeling to a learn bath... and what a great way to dried out off after a easygoing soak!
A fireplace in the kitchen can create a cozy atmosphere and really make the room feel like a family gathering place.
A fireplace in the dining area helps create an intimate establishing that stimulates conversation over dinner.
Outdoor fireplaces help create the feeling of an additional room, and are a perfect destination to entertain on a chilly night.
A fireplace with a seating area really brings the indoors out.The fireplace on the patio, creates an extra outside living area exquisite for entertaining.
The fireplace built right into the tub surround is a fabulous idea for a relaxing escape.
Who else doesn't wish to sit in fr…